How it Works
Youth Carvers of America (U.S. & Canada)
Sponsor a Young Person into the Wonderful Art of Wildfowl Carving.

Youth Membership Guidelines

1)  A youth that has an interest in learning how to carve birds is the best candidate for the program  He or she may want to learn to carve any type of carving but      willing to learn with some species of simple bird carving to learn woodcarving basics.
   We can best help in the bird category.  

2)  We recommend the youth be between the ages of 11 and 16.

3)  The youth must have permission from his/her parent or legal guardian to become a member and a waiver of risk agreement may be required by the adult sponsor. Youth Carvers of America will have a copy of such agreement on file.

Please click the link below to complete and submit the membership form.

Youth Member Registration Form

There are no fees for membership.
A membership card and number will follow registration and entitiles you to all YCA benefits.

Zach Murray with John Solberg
Adult Sponsorship Guidelines

1)  The adult sponsor should provide guidance through one or more carving projects for a year         or more.

2)  The sponsor will assist wih YCA, in the procurement of tools and supplies needed. 

3)  Provide hands-on assistance with the more dangerous aspects of each project such as the       band sawing and use of heavy-duty wood removal tools. Teach safety rules.

4)  Give guidance in getting good reference material and subject education.

5)  Hands-on instruction as needed with all aspects of a project, but kept to a minimum so the       youth can do most of the carving, have pride in his/her work and build a good self image..

6)  Guidance in the true spirit, fellowship and ethics of carving competition.

7)  Transportation when needed, to educational events and competitions when competing. 

8)   Help with fees, subscriptions and memberships for the youth whenever needed.

9)  Will submit a annual progress report and suggestions to Youth Carvers of America, sharing       their experience with other sponsors.

If you want to apply as a YCA sponsor please click on this link.

Sponsor Application Form

The above guidelines are only our current  suggestions. We are very interested in how you do it and any other suggestions you may offer for teaching kids the art of wildfowl carving.